Standby mode - Light?



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    Wesley P.

    Hello wBoop,

    At this time there is no way to set the LED indicators to dictate when your player is currently in standby mode. By design Bluesound players are designed to be always on always ready devices and will automatically go into a low power standby after 15 minutes of being idle.

    However, with that being said, I will bring your feedback forward to our Quality Assurance team for their consideration to include in a future firmware update.

    Wesley P.

  • Juan Carlos Quino

    Hello to all

    I have the same request as wBoop. It will be great to have an indication the player is idle.

    Hope it is to be considered in future update



  • Sean Rooney

    New here and have had my Vault 2i for a couple days. I agree with Juan and Boop. Would like to see the LED on the front either go to a super dim cycle or off. I've already set it on the dimmest setting. The top light should go off completely. It's somewhat distracting where I have it placed in my entertainment center when watching TV and I don't have a lot of options on placement outside of hiding it.

    It's cool that it's always ready to go but unless I'm actively using it then have the lights go out unless I touch the app or tap the top buttons.

  • Hi Sean

    You can disable the LED altogether in Indicator Brightness settings.

  • Sean Rooney

    I like to have something telling me it's on when I'm using it. When I shut down my other components it's the only thing lighting up. I could be pretty happy to just isolate the top lights and shut those off.

    If I put it on a switched outlet is it bad for the device to be power cycled regularly? 


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