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    Wesley P.

    Hello Stewart,

    From what I can see on the Cocktail Audio website, it appears this streamer has an RCA output available. What I would suggest is to use this RCA output with an RCA to 3.5mm adapter to connect to the Powernode 2i's analog input port. 

    After connecting in this way you will need to use the BluOS app to select Analog Input as your active source when you would like to listen to content from your Cocktail Audio device.

    Wesley P.

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    J-P Davies

    I would not just connect it as Wesley P suggests, whilst it will obviously work I don't think that you'd be getting the best out of the two devices and feel that you would benefit from perservering with connecting via ethernet too.

    The Cocktail should be able to be treated as a NAS as far as the Powernode is concerned. The Powernode will be able to construct its own library from the Cocktail which the Bluesound App will then use.

    Although I don't have a Cocktail, I have a NAS with a network share setup as follows, \\192.168.1.XX\Multimedia\Music in the "Settings -} Music Library -} Network Shares" of the Bluesound App. You will need to find out your Cocktail equivalent details.

    Page 5 of your manual for the Cocktail will tell you how to find it's IP Address. If it was my system I would operate with fixed IPs for both the Cocktail and Powernode.

    Page 8 recommends not to use WiFi for streaming to other devices so I would look at using Powerline if it is remote from the Powernode.

    If you can connect your PC, Mac or Tablet to your Cocktail you should be able to find out where your ripped music collection is stored on it and be able to use those details to construct the share details for the Powernode.Page 22 looks as if it has the info of how to find your stored music folder so check that out.

    The Cocktail user forum looks a pretty friendly place so it may pay you to ask on there what is the share name of the music folder on the Cocktail if what I've said doesn't get you up and running.

    The Cocktail looks to be a really nice piece of kit and a liitle bit like a Bluesound Vault but with a few differences.

    I hope some of what I have said will help you.



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