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    Hi Sjoerd

    There is no fix for us to apply. Either you are using Spotify via Airplay, in which case the volume control works as designed by Apple or you are using Spotify Connect, in which case the main volume slider in the Spotify App would control the volume. Based on our research here and in conversations with our development team, option 2 (Spotify Connect) may or may not violate the usage of those buttons in Apple's SDK... 

    I am sorry to hear this would be a reason for not recommending our product but your concerns have to do with partner software usage using our product as an endpoint.

    It is true that our App volume cannot be controlled using the hard buttons in iOS but that is because the SDK for Apple suggests those buttons can only be used for volume on the iPhone or iPad only or devices it is AirPlay-ing to. Since our App does not play music but a controller to other hardware, Apple will not certify our App to use those buttons.

    Thanks for understanding and I hope this explanation suggests it is a limitation we cannot overcome, but not from lack of trying...

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    Hi Tony,

    sorry, but with Yamaha and Sonos, the hardware buttons on the iPhone work out of the app. And there are more different apps that use the hardware buttons. This can't be.

    But if Bluesound is not able to provide such a basic function, I have to think again whether Bluesound is the right system for me.




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    To my understanding Sonos works around this rule by “playing a silent song” on the iphone to gain access to the volume buttons. Apple has for some reason always allowed this, even though it is not complying with the API rules.. That’s why the buttons only work when you last used the Sonos app. If another app takes over audio, the button control is gone.... as is the lock-screen control.

    The behavior of the Sonos app becomes unpredictable this way. I assume this is the reason why Bluesound decided to just comply with the API rules.

    The solution Bluesound provides is quite good by the way: a widget for use in the lock screen. Is more useful than just the play/stop/skip buttons and has volume control as well. It operates the last selected player or group. And the widget works on an Apple Watch too.

    And on top of that, you may choose to operate any Bluesound player with almost any IR remote control! Most functions are programmable...

    I come from Sonos, and I have never missed the button control for volume on the Bluesound system.

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