How best to play Tidal HiFi MQA on the Bluesound Node2i via iOS (iPhone)?




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    Wesley P.

    Hello Adam,

    When using Tidal through the BluOS app, the BluOS app will handle the first decoding stage independent from Tidal's app. After decoding, the next two rendering stages are handled by the internal DAC of your Node 2i. This means you will need to use the RCA outputs of your Node 2i to get fully rendered MQA output.

    I do not know exactly how Tidal's app handles their own MQA decoding and rendering so I can not say if there would be any difference in audio quality. But with that being said, I would suggest using the BluOS app directly for your MQA streaming to your Node 2i.

    Wesley P.

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    Hey, have you tried to use the Tidal Downloader Mac program to convert Tidal to plain audio formats, then transfer them to the Bluesound device? If not, I think you should take a try of it. Hope it will help you.

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