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    Hi Domanin

    I have been able to replicate your issue here. I suspect it has to do with the fact the song is stored on a USB Drive and reporting it to our QA team for further investigation. What I would suggest though is rather than plugging your USB Drive into the Player itself, you may have a better overall experience plugging the USB Drive into your router and creating a file share with it;

    You will not have to unplug it form the player to add music from a PC to it and you will have a permanent Local Library this way too. Check if your router has a USB drive and plug it in there and connect under Settings, Music Library, Network Share in the BluOS App;

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    Thanks to Tony for your prompt reply.
    I know the idea of a router. I can buy NAS server "Synology" or another good router, but I want it to work from usb hdd.

    For information, my usb hdd is 4 TB and it has 100,000 audio tracks. The BluOS works great. Maybe someone will find this information useful.

    I made these screen shots with NODE 2i, today I bought NAD M10 for 2999 euro, the situation with the playlist is still the same.

    I think need to fix the firmware, it is important for us buyers.

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  • Hi Domanin

    The NAD M10 uses the same firmware for the most part. As mentioned in the first Help Centre Article I posted, there is no fix coming as it is by design. We cannot guarantee it's always the same USB plugged in so have to assume it is different anytime.

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