Hometheater-group not working



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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Flemming

    Check your audio output settings on your AppleTV. The indication that the AppleTV App did not work is a good indication the output on the AppleTV is not set to Dolby Digital. Also, check other sources connected to your TV and that your TV is passing PCM output.

    If problems persist, please select Help, Send Support Request in the App so we can get more details about your setup...

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    Flemming Andreassen

    Hi Tony

    Thanks for your help, everything works again :-)

    My LG TV were actually set to pass" PCM" output, (under HDMI-ARC) but it did not work until I set it to "Auto" instead of "PCM", weird...

    As far as I know I have never been into that submenu and changed anything before, but the important thing is that it works again :-)

    Kind regards

    Flemming Andreassen

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