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    Wesley P.

    Hello Harji,

    Due to limitations of Airplay streaming, it will only provide CD-quality audio (44.1KHz/16-bit) when using Airplay to any device.

    When using Tidal directly through BluOS, you will get up to 192KHz/24-bit audio when streaming MQA so long as you are using the RCA outputs of the Node 2i. If you are using the Optical or Coaxial outputs of the Node 2i to stream your MQA content, you will only be able to stream up to 96KHz/24-bit audio as the Node 2i's internal DAC handles the rendering stages of MQA unfolding.

    With that being said, I would definitely recommend using the BluOS app to stream your MQA content to get the best possible audio quality.

    Wesley P.

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