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    Wesley P.

    Hello Jeremy,

    The way MQA describes their content is as origami with 3 folds. These folds consist of the decoding and rendering which when fully rendered will output 24-bit/192KHz audio. When streaming MQA through the Node 2i, the BluOS app will handle the first decoding stage which will process the MQA file to 24-bit/96KHz audio. The next 2 rendering steps are then handled by the internal DAC of the Node 2i which will then allow 24-bit/192KHz audio. 

    When using coaxial or optical cable from your Node 2i, you are bypassing the internal DAC of the player which is resulting in only the decoding stage occurring and only outputting 24-bit/96KHz audio. To get full 24-bit/192KHz audio you will need to use the analog RCA outputs of the Node 2i to have the internal DAC of the Node 2i process these 2 rendering stages and output fully unfolded MQA.

    For more information on how MQA works, please feel free to visit the article provided below.

    Wesley P.

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    Jeremy Wallis

    Thank you very much. I'd done some reading in the meantime and just about got there. Thanks for confirming everything.

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