Sound glitches/squeaks from specific digital albums (near speaker damaging)!




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager


    Hi Eli

    Please see my comments on this thread;

    I would check files your downloaded...

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    Eli Barbie

    Thank you very much.


    I'm not sure if this is the same problem already reported. Please notice the following:


    The file is not a CD rip, it is a bit for bit digital copy downloaded from Tidal server. Yes, after redownloading the album, no glitches in the new files. BUT after testing the bad file using a free tool called Audiotester, no errors were found.


    BUT, why is bluos producing these extremely loud clicks, which for some reason seems to bypass the volume controller of the C658 and output a full 0db click? Also, I did play the bad files from my Windows 10 pc using Foobar2000 and WASAPI output to the digital input on the C658 and the files are paying smoothly. Only blueos library playback has this problem. 


    Can a firmware update fix this very problematic behavior? Cant the bad files are detected and skipped automatically? I will post a youtube video later to demonstrate thus extremely aggressive glitches. It's not exactly a click, it sounds exactly like someone pulled the microphone plug during a loud rock concert. Something like a bad connection. 

    After you check the sample file, I'd appreciate if you could tell me if is there a way to scan my 24,000 FLAC files collection and identify other similar bad files as the one uploaded








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    Eirik Anderssen

    I second this, playing on a Vault 2i through Coax to Dynaudio Focus 20 XDs. Happens if I switch source while playing back a track, or randomly when starting a track. It does sound like a potential disaster to my tweeters, but so far so good. Please look into this, it's not user error and everything else is connected/done according to manuals etc...

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  • Hi Eirik

    Whenever we have seen your issue (and it is not often), it has been a problem with the DAC switching bit rates and sample rates. Contact Dynaudio.

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