BluOS Cover Art Bug



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    Wesley P.

    Hello David,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide this information. I will be passing this along to our Quality Assurance team to investigate further and resolve in a future firmware update.

    What I would suggest is to go to Help > Diagnostics > Rebuild Index in the BluOS app to see if this corrects the issue. A rebuild index will delete your index and rebuild it from scratch where a reindex will scan for newly added, removed or modified files in your library.

    Give this a try and if you are still experiencing issues, please let me know which devices you were noticing this issue with and we will gladly investigate this further.

    Wesley P.

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    David Winston

    Hello Wesley,


    Thank you for your response.  If you read my report carefully, you will see that I already did all the things you suggest in your response, including HELP>DIAGNOSTICS>REBUILD INDEX and RELOAD ART.  These things did not work, which is why I went on the journey I described.  The solution I found is posted above.  So please do go ahead and refer this to your engineers so others will not get tripped up on this.

    My device is a brand new BLUESOUND NODE 2i, with the latest firmware installed.

    Thank you.

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    Gorm Vognsen Jensen

    I experience the same:

    Alone adding a Cover.jpg or Cover.png in an album folder will not make it appear in the BluOS Controller. My fix is to rename the album folder - add a letter. Then re-index and reload.

    NAD C 388 with MDC and POWERNODE 2

    Windows App 3.8.1. BluOS 3.8.8.

    Best regards

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