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    Wesley P.

    Hello JMB,

    When playing audio from your TV over HDMI, the TV will be controlling the volume sent to your Powernode 2i unless the TV is set to fixed audio output. If you TV is set to a low volume, the Powernode 2i will need to be set to a high volume to compensate. When playing through Spotify Connect, the Spotify app will control the Volume of your Powernode 2i directly.

    What I would suggest is to ensure your Spotify app is at a low volume before beginning playback. Alternatively, you can set your TV to fixed audio output and program an IR remote to control the volume on your Powernode 2i while watching TV. This would allow you to control all your volume output directly through the BluOS app.

    Wesley P.

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    Thanks for your help.
    Unfortunately my tv (samsung ue55mu7000) only offers fixed audio output.
    I already have my tv remote set to control the audio on the Powernode.

    I guess the only thing to do here is watch the volume setting every time i switch over from tv to spotify (and hope the family does the same!), this doesn't feel right tho.. It doesn't seem like a big big feature to be able to sync volume of the different channels.

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