Weird problems



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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi James

    Log out of Amazon and Qobuz in the Music Services Menu, restart the Player and log back in. If that doesn't clear it, its likely something in your router's DNS Cache. Power down the Blueosund Player, reboot the router, wait 5 minutes then restart the player.

    If THAT doesn't do it, Help, Send Support request so we may see the log file.

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    James Macdonald

    I thought it might be something like that but I have 2 routers,my asus router and the original bt router,just to rule out it might be a problem with the asus router I unplugged it and brought the bt router but the problem is still happening, and I've done 2 full restores of the node 2,it wasnt doing this before I updated,and like I  said tidal streams fine,but quboz and amazon act weird,seems like a software issue

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