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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Liviu

    Thanks for your feedback. We have had discussions with Amazon about the limited experience in their service due to their Application Programing Interface (API) they provide to us and other third party services.

    We encourage you to let Amazon know too that you would like a better experience with your third party devices.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi


  • Liviu Vasiluta

    Hi Toni,

    Thank you very much for the answers.  I asked Amazon Music for better support in integrating it in BluOS. Hope that it will happen.

    However I think there are small feature that bluOS can do without better API/integration from Amazon:

    1.  for browsing through Albums, it will be very useful to have filter after Release Date, Artist or an Index.

    2. At this time, browsing through albums is possible only in alphabetical order; when I enter in an album, from lower bottom of alphabet, to select a song and then return back, I have to start from the beginning with letter A.  Imagine that i have more than 500 Albums. This is really annoying.  For this reason I bought an Amazon Echo Link and connect directly to NAD C368.  For the moment I do not use frequently the bluOS card + bluOS app.

    3. Due the albums with VA the artists the Artist section is flooded with thousand of not relevant artists. Either let the user to select which artists or import the artist section from Amazon API (hope that is possible).

    I found all of these 3 features very important in order to use efficiently  the bluOS app, otherwise the app is practically not usable.

    Looking forward to have good news from bluOS team !


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