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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    When integrating third-party music services such as TIDAL or AmazonHD, they provide us with an API (Application Programming Interface) documentation on how to connect with their servers using our product. TIDAL's documentation is significantly more mature and developed allowing us to create a better experience for our mutual consumers. 

    Amazon's Interface is not as sophisticated but it is an ongoing discussion with our mutual Software Development Teams.

    It would help us tremendously if you also share this feedback with Amazon to help them make a better experience for all (not just Bluesound devices).

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    Ron Gavlick

    I just thought I'd add a post script to this topic.  I just received my new BlueSound remote control yesterday which prompted my to add Amazon channels to 'My Favorites' in BlueSound.  And of course, the remote control cannot play those channels because Amazon itself doesn't allow BlueSound to point to a channel.  I have to go into Amazon Music directly, and then into 'Favorites' and then to 'Recently Played' to pull up my favorite stations.  So, again, it is an Amazon API issue apparently.  But now, it really shows poorly on BlueSound since the remote control is rendered to the menial task of just being able to turn the Vault 2i on or off, and adjust volume making it a pretty expensive redundant clicker!!!  

    Please reach out to Amazon and prod them to get their API the attention it needs!

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    Karan Malhotra

    Hi, any updates / improvements to this? The Amazon app is currently unusable due to the above issues, esp the 100 limit on number of tracks in a playlist. And not being able to navigate artists and albums as mentioned above.


    Thanks for your help.

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