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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Ilkka

    Since the recent release of BluOS firmware 3.6.6, we have received multiple reports from users experiencing issues with restoring their players from VACATION MODE standby. We have tested this here in our labs and have been able to replicate the issue. Our Quality Assurance team is currently investigating this further and working to provide a fix in a future firmware update.

    Just a reminder that Bluesound Players do not have an ON/OFF switch and are designed to be always on and always ready and meet EU standards as an IoT network appliance of less than 3W when idle after 15 minutes. Constantly placing a Player in Vacation Mode can artificially age your power supply as it is designed to be 'always on'.

    For the time being, what I can suggest as a temporary workaround while we continue to work to resolve this is to disconnect the power from your player and reconnect it to bring your player out of Vacation Mode. When you have completed listening, simply leave the Player as is.

    Look for a firmware update early next week to resolve this issue. If however the problem persists, Please select e-mail us at

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