Playlists with files from USB but shown globally




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Stefan

    A USB drive connected to a single player is not available to all Players on your network, only the Player it is connected to.

    This includes Playlists stored on that device;

    Consider plugging the USB drive into the USB port on your router and connecting to it as a NAS for a better experience.


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    Stefan Mehre

    Hi Tony,

    yes, I know that and that's OK. It would be great if that could be added in the future, like HEOS because in some situations it could be useful, but I don't need that at the moment.

    But selfmade playlists should also be only on the device the USB thumb is connected to and should not show up on all the other players which can't use it. But that's what I recognized, the other players show this playlist but it's empty.

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