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    Wesley P.

    Hello Steinberg,

    1) You are correct that playlists must be edited through the play queue at this time. We have received similar feedback from other users to improve the functionality of playlist editing and our Quality Assurance team are currently looking into alternative ways to do so for future firmware updates.

    2) If you are using the BluOS mobile app from a phone or tablet, clear your current play queue, load the playlist you would like to edit to your play queue, then select the 3 lines with a pencil to enable editing. From here you can then select the trash can icon or the red circle with a white line to remove these songs from your current play queue. From the desktop app you can simply right click and delete these songs. Once you are finished making your edits, select the 3 lines with the down arrow from your play queue to save this play queue as a playlist and provide it with the same name to overwrite your previous playlist.

    3) The playlists you are unable to see, are they ones populated from your network share? If these are iTunes playlists saved on your computer, iTunes has recently made some changes to how their playlists work through iTunes and these playlists will need to be exported from iTunes as m3u files to allow BluOS to be able to access them.

    For some additional information regarding playlists, please see the article below.

    As for your last question, any streaming service credentials, network shares, player names, presets or playlists should all be retained through a reboot. If you are losing any of this information, please send us a diagnostic log from your player by going to Help > Send Support Request through the BluOS app so a member of our support team can look into this further for you.

    Wesley P.

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