The way volume of the players is shown...




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Stefan

    Thanks for the feedback.

    If only the decibel scale was linear... your suggestion would be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye but wouldn't necessarily be easier to control as volume scales are logarithmic. It definitely would not be an accurate representation of the volume level of the player.

    Behind the scenes, we spend a lot of time reviewing and re-reviewing the volume control to have the most accurate depiction yet make it manageable and easy too control. We also have to tweak and adjust and flip between log and line in what the volume slider is doing so that neither the bottom end nor top end have to much control where you have to turn it up quite a bit to hear and then have very little space to control.

    What we have today, may not line up from player to player when grouped but it is accurate to what the players are doing and giving you the best control in both ends...

    Thanks for the feedback though as I have passed it along for future consideration.


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    Stefan Mehre

    Was afraid that it would not that easy, but thanks for the info...

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