Coverart/Stationart in NowPlaying view dynamicly sizing possible?




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    Hi Stefan

    Thanks for the feedback - unfortunately, we have no control over the metadata provided by third-party music services. It is what they provide. Reach out to TuneIn at for more details in your case.

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    Stefan Mehre

    Of course this part can‘t be changed by you. But that was not I was asking for.

    The UI of the controllers have a „pictureframe“ for the coverart/stationlogo on the nowplaying page. This „frame“ gets a dynamic logo/coverart from the metadata what is playing at the moment.

    At the moment this frame is fixed and the logo/coverart get scaled to that size. O.k. it’s size depends on the device the controller is running on, but on this device it’s always the same size.

    If this could be changed in that way that the „pictureframesize“ get sized by the size of the picture metadata coming in. Than the lowres logos wouldn’t look that terrible. Maybe there should be a min and max size so it doesn’t get to small or to big. 

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