Tidal streaming buffering via Bluesound app




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    Hi Jeremy

    Thanks for your patience. We are seeing a higher than normal amount of requests. Please log out of TIDAL in Music Services, then restart your Players by selecting Help, Diagnostics Reboot.

    Log back into TIDAL once the players are in ready mode to reset your account credentials with TIDAL.

    We are not seeing a large amount of requests about this so the timing is coincidental. I suspect your TIDAL account Certificate expired and needs resetting - the above action will reset it.

    If it does, please reply to request #154911 to let us know we can move the request to SOLVED. IF it does not, please select Help Send Support Request again to send an updated log. In that subject line, please reference #154911 so we can associate the log files.

    I am merging #155059 into #154911 so there is only a single request.


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    Hi Tony

    I have done all you suggested. No fix - if anything, the problem started immediately (probably coincidence). I’ve logged another request as you’ve asked, and sent the log file.

    Just to throw more info into the mix - I have a Node 2 too, a bit further away, connected via wifi. Immediately after the problem surfaced now I played the same Tidal music via the Node - with absolutely no problems at all.

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