Playerlist refresh got much slower ....




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    Hi Stefan

    We have not made any changes on this front in the BluOS Firmware. Please select Help, Send Support Request in the App so we can take a closer look and review your router settings to see if there is an issue possibly from a router firmware update.


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    Stefan Mehre

    Hi Tony,

    thanks, I have to check this again. First of all new firmware 3.6.6. installed now and I did some reconfiguration of my Cisco switches and RUCKUS WLAN setup. I switched all settings to IGMP v3 and MLDv2, but before the last firmwareupdates the settings were on IGMPv2 and MLDv1 and on my iPad it was faster. But I believe there was also an iOS update, so check it again and if it happens again I will send the logs...

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