Been able to share as a NAS (SMB )the HD connected by cable to the node/MDC BLUOs module




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    Hi Kerouack

    I couldn't agree more regarding the experience, which is why we recommend a proper NAS (also for the security and stability of your network).

    Have you considered a middle approach? Most routers purchased or obtained in past 4 or 5 years include a USB port on the back. Check your router's onboard server and/or documentation on how to attach the USB drive directly to the router for a very cost-effective NAS solution.


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    Javier (Kerouack

    HEllo, lately there are less and less routers with that functionality, and usually the new mesh routers that we all will have pretty soon don’t have it. So from my understanding , if we pay 500 euros for a bluesound node or mdc BluOS that functionally should be included, it is not anything strange, in a fact just a blackberry pi can do it , and the node has a good processor, memory and a good OS so I don’t see any reason to having to buy another stuff like a NAS or another router. 

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