BluOS NPM-1 Airplay support




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    Hi Ash

    I am sorry to report that the BluOS NPM-1 for the DALI Soundhub does not include the required hardware authentication to enable AirPlay. It was developed before DALI or Bluesound knew this would be a requirement of AirPlay.

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    Hi Toni


    Appreciate the prompt reply and I can also see you are active on the forum - it’s amazing 


    Related to the npm-1 module, I just connected google voice assistant in my BluOS app however,  my google home which has google assistant, does not recognise the command “ok google, talk to blue voice”. 


    Any tips?

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  • Hi Ash

    If it does not work after 2 or 3 tries check your Google Assistant is up to date. Just a note that The BluVoice Actions on Google is only available in English, but I just got word that you can add English as a Second Language to your Google Assistant and that will work.

    If problems persist, please e-mail us at


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    Fredric Wigh

    I have the same problem. My setup:

    • Google Home mini
      Firmware version (system):171861
      Firmware version (cast): 1.42.1711861
    • Powernode 2i
      BluOS 3.6.2

    Both on the same wifi
    Swedish as default language on the Google Home mini BUT added English. Even removed Swedish.
    No luck. Google Home Mini does not recognise the command “ok google, talk to blue voice”

    Please advise.

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  • Hello all

    Thank you for your patience. We have been working on this for most of today and have confirmation from Google the outage is on their end. They are aware of the issue and trying to restore service as quickly as possible and hope to notify us once service is restored.

    You may notice yourselves though once it is as it will then just work.

    We do apologise and thank you for your patience.


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