Transferspeed Win10 PC to Vaoult 2i internal harddrive




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    Hi Stefan

    Not so much the drive as the network card. The VAULT is Full Duplex but is designed for and biased for outbound network over inbound network traffic.

    That being said, check your router settings on that port (if possible). By the time you figure it out though, the copying will complete.


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    Jean-Pierre Deslandes

    Transferring music files to the Vault 2i is painfully slow, as said earlier about 3Mo/s. If there is no failure should take me almost 24 hours to transfer 250G (about 11k tracks)

    At least with my Roon NUC i can plug the SSD disk directly on my computer for large transfers

    But nothing of the sort here, this is really bad design if there is no other way to do this.


    Plus on top of that transfer occasionaly stalls, seems like its when I'm using BluOS app.



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