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    Wesley P.

    Hello Luigi,

    Although the Pulse Mini does not support Airplay streaming, with a Node 2i or Powernode 2i in your network you can use Airplay to stream to the 2i device then group it with your Pulse Mini to have your Airplay content play to this speaker as well.

    As for an audio comparison between the Node/Powernode and Pulse Mini, this depends significantly on the external equipment connected to these devices as well. What I would suggest is to visit your local Bluesound dealer and hear the difference for yourself.

    Wesley P.

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    Luigi Semoli

    Hi Wesley

    Many thanks for quick response - heard bluesound customer service legendary. I plan on purchasing the Powernode 2i but thats my budget (W/O dedicated speakers). Therefore, just to confirm, the pulse Mini will network to the Powernode? It does't need a wired connection? Sorry I'm more of a novice with hi/fi / audio. Thanks again. 


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  • Hi Luigi

    The PULSE MINI will connect to your home network just like the POWERNODE does. Once they appear on the same network you can use the BluOS App to individually control them or to group them together and have them play in perfect syncronisation. Group playback can be toggled on and off with a simple touch in the App.

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