Best 5.1 config. (soundbar + sub + 2 pulseflex) for projector who have only 3.5mm jack audio out




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    Wesley P.

    Hello Alex,

    The Pulse Soundbar has an Optical input and Analog RCA input available to connect to your audio sources. From the image you provided, I believe only the Audio Out will send audio from the projector to your Pulse Soundbar. Since the Pulse Soundbar uses an RCA analog input you will need a 3.5mm to RCA cable or adapter to connect these 2 devices.

    Wesley P.

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    Alex Marinier

    Ok, and will i'll be able to have a kind of surround sound with RCA analog input? 

    If not, should I look for projector who provide optical audio out? Does the opticial audio input would provide a surround sound or it will be the same has the RCA analog ?

    Because I hesitate before buyiing projector between the one that I showed up BenQ tk800 and the Optoma UDH50 wich have those output (with optical out) ... i prefer the BenQ tk 800 but if I will have a better with optical... i could choose the Optoma model

    Thank you

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