How to get the Deezer recommended track lists?




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    Wesley P.

    Hello Neil,

    If you select Deezer in the BluOS app you will see a list of options including Recommendations. By selecting Recommendations you will see a list of recommended playlists, albums and artists provided by Deezer's service.

    With that being said, some of the specialized playlists recommended to your Deezer are not accessible from the third party API which BluOS uses but we continue to work with Deezer to provide a more robust listening experience through the BluOS app through future firmware updates.

    For the time being if there are suggested playlists available through Deezer's app which you can not access through BluOS what I can suggest is to connect your BluOS device to your phone or tablet over Bluetooth to listen to these specific playlists.

    Wesley P.

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    Thanks for your answer Wesley.

    I tried your suggestions and presume you did not.  The daily/weekly suggested playlists don't appear in the BluOS recommendations and Deezer does not stream HiFi quality to phone or tablet so bluetooth means poor quality (only Deezer)

    Please encourage the Deezer API team to do something about this - Deezer presents these lists as the primary options and it is a feature which differentiates them from competing services.

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