Add Chromecast support to Bluesound product line




  • El Ràtõn

    If you don't mind going wireless there is the Argon Audio Solo, 249 EUR, Roon Ready and Chromecast built-in.

  • Bluey

    That's a really cool one! I would only need/use the digital output.

    Features AirPlay 2, Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, Roon Ready

    Only thing missing is Tidal Connect.


  • Turner Kirk

    @Andrew H

    we already have full integrations for Airplay (work directly with Cupertino), RAAT for Roon (lots of support from various folks), Tidal Connect (have a shared Slack channel) and Spotify (direct team member). In each of these cases our partners have worked with us to come up with a solution we can implement and in all cases we have helped improve their overall products.

    What about Soundcloud? What about Pandora Radio? What about YouTube Music? What about TuneIn Radio? And what about (god forbid) anyone using an Android device that wants to listen to Apple Music?

    And what about the fact that literally everyone else with a streaming amp product also support these same set of services/features, and yet everyone of them ALSO have Chromecast Built-in? Even cheaper products have it. Even your own sister company NAD has it in the C-338.

    Patting yourself on the back for having many of the same features that everyone else has while disregarding such an obviously gaping hole in the streaming audio universe is comical at best and absolutely infuriating at second best. It's almost as silly as Apple giving themselves a round of applause for removing the touchbar, adding back Magsafe, HDMI, and SD Card ports back in the Macbook Pro and claiming that it was an innovation in design after 3 years of absolute evisceration from everyone who would have otherwise purchased one.

    Why point out that you've done a great job in supporting a few services when there is one single feature (chromecast built-in) that will single handedly allow you to more than double the list of supported services? Why try to claim that it's a hardware issue when it's clear that essentially everyone else has figured it out on hardware that is much less capable? These claims honestly make it sound like the product/engineering teams at Bluesound are not particularly capable, which is a shame because it's obvious they are.

    So why not just tell us the truth: Chromecast is a direct competitor to BlueOS and therefore you don't want to implement it. People wouldn't need to commit to the BlueOS ecosystem.

    Or if for some reason that isn't actually the case, why not give us some sort of information as to if it's at least POSSIBLE to implement chromecast built-in with a firmware update. That way we can at least buy a Node now and have hope it will possibly be supported at a later date.

    If you needed any more convincing as to why Chromecast built-in is so necessary, here's an excellent article from Darko Audio about just that:


  • Willem Villet

    @Turner Kirk

    Needless to say, I very much appreciate your post.

    I will add that there is a just released excellent clip from Darko Audio on the Cambridge Audio Evo 150 and the Naim Uniti which is worth a watch/listen.

    In this short film Mr. Darko refers to what he calls Super Integrated Amplifiers consisting of a streamer, DAC and amplifier. And he talks about the excitement of being able to use both Soundcloud and BandCamp via Chromecast. This is interesting to me as he initially posted a very favorable review of the NAD M10 and the fact that the Bluesound unit is not included in his discussion of Super Integrated Amplifiers and sources that are best experience via Chromecast should be a concern to Bluesound

  • Shalako Snell

    I think that Bluesound listening to us complain about not having Chromecast is the least concerning thing about this thread, what Bluesound should really be concerned about is their position in the market and how they risk being past over for products with better feature sets such as Chromecast built in.

    To rephrase

    Adding Chromecast just to shut us up is not what bluesound should be worried about here. Losing business to competitors and being left behind and forgotten about is the real concern.

    In fact it doesn't even matter if the customer uses Chromecast, what matters is that when the see that the competition has it and bluesound doesn't, in all likelihood they will choose the product that has the best feature set and Chromecast is something that the average consumer will recognize.

  • Bluey


    I agree with everything you wrote except: "So why not just tell us the truth: Chromecast is a direct competitor to BlueOS and therefore you don't want to implement it."

    If Chromecast is a direct competitor to BluOS then so is Tidal Connect, Airplay, Spotify Connect (the latter 2 will offer lossless at some point). Roon Ready.

    Bluesound don't have any issues with you by-passing their BluOS apps... as per above protocols already supported.

    I believe Andrew when he talks about the technical issues of Chromecast Built-in

    What confuses me is Bluesound competitors have worked it out already. It's a solved issue.

    I even shared the hardware module most are using, just 1 page back...

    I expected the NEW Node to finally get up to speed with 2021.

    People don't have a problem with spending money on a new model if there is a new protocol that needs new hardware - remember when Airplay 2 came out and the original Nodes could not support it... 


  • Andrew H.

    To the group, we have heard your comments and see the mentions of other strictly end point products and from this point we have your comments in hand, we appreciate the depth of information shared, the passion for wanting this specific feature added and when we can get something that can function in a way that is consistent with our product and brands we will certainly add it.


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