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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Sonnie

    As with all network troubleshooting issues, close the BluOS App. Please restart your router. Wait 5 minutes then power off your NAD M17 using the back panel switch. Wait 30 seconds and then power up the M17. Wait 30 seconds then launch the App.

    If the problem persists after that, please e-mail the BluOS Support Crew at support@bluos.net and they will be in touch.

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    Hi Sonnie

    I know this is a very old question, but I had the same issue, with the BluOS Controller looking for players infinitely.

    As my MacBook and my Android device could see my players instantly, I knew it must be a problem with my Wintendo.

    From my many years being an infrastructure specialist, I recalled something called nic-enumeration (the order of which network interface cards are seen in the OS). So first, I tried to disable unnecessary nics in Windows (being WSL and VMware nics). And then, my BluOS players showed up instantly.

    The permant solution to this (for me), was to launch PowerShell and run the cmdlet "Get-NetIPInterface". Find my WiFi nic and ensure this nic has a metric, that is lower than all the other nics on my system. My WiFi nic has index 17 and the lowest metric was 15 (for my WSL nic), so i ran "Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceIndex 17 -InterfaceMetric 10" and everything worked as a charm - instantly.

    Hope this can help others, with the same issue.

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