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    Hi Guner

    Don't put it in vacation mode... 

    When you have a USB Drive attached, every time the player boots it has to recreate the Index because it is unsure if the USB drive is the same as BluOS does not have read access to the drive. You can attach the USB Drive to your router instead and create a local library;

    When a Bluesound player is idle for 15 minutes, it does go into low power standby using less than 3.0 watts as required for an always ready IoT appliance by the EU - the strictest energy conservation requirements in the world. Vacation mode is not an ON/OFF switch, it is designed to be used if you will be away for extended periods of time and still consumes 0.5 watts. Bluesound Players are designed to be 'always on/always ready'. This is designed with the environment in mind as well.

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    Thnx so much for quick response:)

    one more thing , for example ;

    when I stop playing , after a few hours later top of the case temp rise , can be any problem in cooling system ?

    regards from ISTANBUL :)

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  • Hi Guner

    Please ensure it is in a well ventilated space and not in a closed cabinet so the vents on the top and bottom of the Player can 'breath'. 

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