Auto Re-Index (on a schedule)




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    Hi MacPapa

    We have had great conversations with our development team on this front. It's not really a bug but we do agree it would be great additional functionality though we continue to work around some really difficult fail safe scenarios. Rest assured it is a regular conversation point in product development meetings.

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    Frans R

    I have thought about it a few times also. But then again, if you add something to your collection, most times you would like to listen immediately and do not wait until after the 03:00 o'clock automatic rebuild.

    What would also be an improvement, is to have a rebuild button on the main menu, somewhere easy to reach so you can hit it when the maintenance and additions are finished. The Windows app now requires 3 mouse-clicks. Maybe the development department doesn't want to have the button easy to reach to avoid unwanted rebuilds, but I cannot see the danger in that, since you always can do a full rebuild.

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