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    Wesley P.

    Hello Robert,

    To connect Bluetooth headphones to your M10, open the BluOS app, select the house shaped icon and tap on your M10. From here you will see 3 dots appear to the right of your player which will bring up a menu to connect to Bluetooth headphones. I will attach an article below with further details.


    Wesley P.

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    Wesley, can I re-open this request, with a slight twist?

    I have very good quality wired headphones (and headphone amp) and wish to continue using them with my M10. As there is the ability to mute speakers when connecting bluetooth headphones, it would be excellent if this muting was selectable so that wired headphones could be used as well. Until I got my speakers, I was very happy streaming from my QNAP server through the M10 pre-out to the Burson Headphone amplifier to my AKG headphones.

    With thanks, Peter


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  • Hi Talyessin

    Your best bet is to contact our friends at NAD Electronics - support@nadelectronics.com and they will be happy to help.

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