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    Wesley P.

    Hello Herbert,

    If you currently have a music library stored on another device and would like to transfer it over to your Vault, you will have to do so through a computer on your network. To do this you will first need to access the internal storage of the Vault by following the steps provided in the article below.

    Once you have access to your Vault's internal storage you can then drag and drop the music from your external device over the Vault's Music folder. After the transfer is complete, you will need to perform a Reindex Music Collection in the BluOS app to inform the BluOS app of the changes made to your music library. You can do this by going to Settings > Music Library > Reindex Music Collection. The reindex process may take some time to complete depending on the size of your music library but once finished you will then have access to all your music stored on your Vault.

    Wesley P.

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