'Add to favourites' function when using HDD via USB




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    Wesley P.

    Hello Janis,

    Due to the fact that any favorites saved from your USB HDD will be lost when the USB HDD is disconnected from your Node 2i, the BluOS app does not allow for music on a USB HDD to be saved as a favorite.

    What I would suggest in the meantime to ensure your music library is always available even while your computer is powered off would be to store your music library on a NAS drive. 

    With that being said I will forward your feedback along to our Quality Assurance team to see if we can find a workaround for this issue and allow for USB favorites in a future BluOS update.

    Wesley P.

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    Hi Wesley, I see your point. But am I really the only one doing this? I just bought an external HDD for this which is only connected to the Node 2i, is no one else using it like that? I didnt want a NAS since it's more expensive and I didn’t see any benefits getting it just for audio.

    When a favourite is not found you could display the saved favorites as greyed-out or with a small 'disconnect' icon in the upper right corner of the music art. Hope you consider this feature request, would make me happy :-)

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