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    Hi Andrej

    Our one time conversion of DSD is not dis-similar to the vast majority of DSD Playback over DoP. The difference is we perform the conversion one time rather than every time you play the music. our conversion is to the nearest accurate conversion rate so if you are receiving 24/88.2 then your content is in that range. Most DSD files are 24/48, 24/88.2 or 24/96. 24/192 is needless up sampling and technically distorting the sound.

    Other FLAC files in that folder should appear. Please select Settings, Music Library, Reindex Collection. Once the index completes, check your library for the missing music.

    If the problems persist, please select Help, Send Support Request so we may view your player log file and help you troubleshoot further.


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    Andrew Onorato

    Tony, I know this is an old post but I couldn't resist commenting on your response.

    dsd over DOP is just encapsilating the dsd stream into a pcm container, it only works with dacs that recognize the flag and usually just over USB style DACS, there is no conversion with this method DoP is more akin to a DTS CD.

    Now that being said, I would prefer not to transcode my DSD files into any other format, but 24 88.2  is all anybody needs for a reasonable conversion, most people can not tell the difference. 

    The dsd approach is to do a very low bit rate and a very high sample rate, 1Bit/ 2.8Mhz .

    The benifits or lack there of, of keeping DSD in its original form varies from dac to dac and what kind of bass managment and auto speaker correction might be on your reciever/DAC.

    Just my two cents hopefully it worth at least that.



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