Bluesound Vault 2 and Audirvana




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    Hi John

    If you are accessing the files from your VAULT as any other NAS then we cannot answer that question as we are not doing any of the processing as that is being done all by your iMac and the Audirvana software. 

    You can try connecting the VAULT analogue outputs to your home system and will receive up to 24/192 playback depending on the source.

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    John Partis

    Thanks Tony. That's what I expected was happening. Generally I listen with my headphones plugged directly into the Vault 2, or into my Quad VA-One valve amp. But sometimes I am relegated to the room with the computer, hence iMac and Audirvana. I am toying with the idea of buying another Bluesound product for the "computer"  room, especially as I have a few MQA files now.


    Thanks again.


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