Why BLUESSOUND has no HIGHRESAUDIO HRA Streaming Service like the others ???




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    Hi Simon

    Thank you for your patience. I spoke with our Product Development Team and yes we are working to add HRA to our list of available Music Services. I unfortunately do not have any timelines I can share at this time. Thanks for your continued patience...

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    Phillip Katumba

    I got an answer directly from HIGHRESAUDIO Streaming.

    Thank you for your email and interest in HIGHRESAUDIO Streaming.

    Bluesound has had our documentation and API for integration since November 2017. Unfortunately, we have no influence on whether and when manufacturers integrate HRA streaming. We were promised by Bluesound but nothing has happened yet. It's best to write a bluesound and ask for HRA streaming. Maybe this helps us both and you will also get an answer.

    Yours sincerely

    Simon Meyer

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    Stefan Mehre

    For me toot and btw. some of our customers would love to see HIGHRESAUDIO streaming on the Bluesound system. So please make it happen :)

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