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    Hi Rob

    What about the volume controls on the top panel of the POWERNODE - trying to decipher if it is a network packet issue... which it might be. Either way we will want to see the log file of the Player. Please select Help, Send Support Request so we may have more details here. We will then be in touch via e-mail.

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    Rob Hobbs

    hi tony,

    >and/or on the Bluesound itself

    In regards to your question, the controls on the Bluesound on top for volume are also completely unresponsive.

    I'll work on getting logs, How does your submission / ticketting system work? Is this generated from the app itself? I'll work on that when I get home.


    Appreciate your help,



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  • Hi Rob

    • Help, Send Support request in the App
    • e-mail us at support@bluesound.com
    • 1-855-531-4666 M-F 8:30-6:30 Eastern North America
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    I have the same problem nod2i  Earphones Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2


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