Digital Output Via Optical Out




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    HI Jim

    We do not play DSD files until they are converted to PCM in the BluOS App for Windows or MacOS;

    That being said if ALL 24/192 causes distortion, i would try changing your optical cable grade. What grade... depends on the DAC on the other end. 

    Or try using the on board Burr Brown 24/192 DAC on the VAULT 2i itself by going analogue out direct to your amplifier, your ears may be surprised...

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    Jim M White

    Hi Tony,

    The Toslink cable is an Audioquest Carbon so I am doubting that is the issue. Also, as I mentioned, the 192/24 files have no distortion at all when the volume setting is changed to fixed so something is going on there. Also, if I play the files direct from my NUC via USB there is no distortion.

    I have been listening to the Vault via the analogue outs for almost a year so I am quite familiar with the sound which is, as you said, quite good. I was just listening for differences and couldn't figure out the quirky behavior. Thanks for clearing up the DSD mystery.

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