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    Hi Kiran

    The POWERNODE 2/2i is roughly 120W at 4 Ohms or 240W at 2 Ohms.

    The MQA Decode only happens on MQA Files - Non MQA Files do not include MQA requirements. Filter is really not the right word you are looking for - please see www.mqa.co.uk for more details.

    Analogue inputs are not a pass through, they ar converted to 24/192 via a Burr-Brown ADC with a >100dB signal to Noise ratio.

    On the POWERNODE 2/2i, directly connect the SUB-WOOFER to the Player using a Sub woofer cable to the sub out. On the VAULT 2/2i or NODE 2/2i, it depends on the Amp used and how you are controlling the volume.

    The SUB port is always active, but with SUB-WOOFER On then all <80Hz frequencies are diverted from the mains so you can drive them...

    I hope that answers all your concerns, if not drop us a note by selecting Help, Send Support Request in the App.

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