Feature Request: Option to connect a wired headphones to NAD M10.




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    Thanks for the feedback

    I will try to pass this on to our friends at NAD Electronics.

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    Hi Tony W, can I please second the motion, desperately.

    I recently purchased my NAD M10, Cambridge CXC CD Transport and had to wait a week or so for purchasing speakers. Until they arrived, I was happily listening to the my AKG headphones through a headphone amplifier connected via the pre-out on the back of the M10.  Once the speakers arrived I could continue to listen n to the headphones, but had no way of switching off the speakers as well!  From a BluOS point of view, the ability to switch off the main speakers would be a tremendous home life advantage.

    If you have to push this to NAD, what is appropriate forum to raise this feature request?

    Thanks, Peter (recently Talyessin)

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