Albums with same title but different years (and in different folders)




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    It's neither - it's how metadata works

    Change the Album names tag and then reindex...

    • The Wall
    • The Wall (24/192)
    • The Wall (CD)
    • Joshua Tree
    • Joshua Tree (MQA)


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    I'm struggling to understand your stance on that. Date is a separate metadata field, and one that BluOS can read and sort by. It's grouping files that are tagged as e.g. 1991 and bundling them together under one listing for 2011, even if the files are also in separate folders. Is that really what Bluesound want happening?

    My dirt cheap Android music app ( handles this perfectly well (and actually has options for how to group across folders too) but my hugely expensive home system can't? That really doesn't feel right. My collection is all tagged thoroughly with MusicBrainz and the idea of manually modifying album names that are already correct is really disappointing to receive as a recommendation. Any chance of this being revisited?

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