New tracks from Library not showing




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    Hi Ken

    It may be a permissions issue on your laptop...


    Once completed or checked, please REBUILD your Index from Help, Diagnostics...

    If that doesn't help, yeah check with JRiver. - If they can't help; select Help, Send Support Request and we will arrange for one of our metadata specialists to remote in and check under your hood as to what's mucking things up.

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    it seems as if Bluesound is having trouble finding albums ripped to JRiver. Initially, there was an issue with mutiple albums being on 1 disc, and album art not displaying properly. i may have fixed that. But, for artist Tina Brooks whose 4 albums i have on 2 discs, are not showing at all in my library for Bluesound. Please see pics for JRiver view, my music folder on the PC i use and my node 2i library. this may be a unique issue, but i have some Sonny Rollins discs where multiple albums are on 1 disc and they display in my library on my node 2i. i also have an issue with 1 disc that is not appearing at all in my node 2i library despite it being a single album on 1 disc - John Coltrane "Coltrane", an album from 1962. Pics are attached of it in my JRiver library, my music folder on the PC i use and its "missing" view from my node 2i library. i have rebuilt and reindexed my library multiple times as well. also, there is a discrepancy between the song count in my jriver library and my node 2i library

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