Remembering WiFi AP logins (BlueSound Pulse 2i)




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    Hi Rory

    Yes Bluesound Players generally don't travel. The issue with multiple SSIDs is believe it or not the UI on how to manage them when time comes. 

    I do know this is on our road map but don't have any delivery time frames to share at this time.

    Thank you for the feedback as we are always looking to improve the experience.

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    Rory Sharp

    Hi Tony.

    Thanks for the fast response.

    One of the reasons in buying the Pulse 2i was to be able to use it between a few locations. As well as it having a great sound and very good interface (once it's logged on to the WiFi network, that is.)

    I appreciate that an issue with managing multiple SSIDs is the UI, and glad to hear that it is on the roadmap.

    It wouldn't be so bad if the device didn't spend so long searching for the last configured SSID and went into hotspot mode sooner - or if there was a button combination to force it into wifi hotspot mode. I find it frustrating to know what it's doing when I don't have access to the GUI straight away and have had to factory reset the device several times since I bought it in January this year, just because I just couldn't get it on the network and the hotspot didn't appear on my tablet.

    I (and friends I visit) use Roon. So streaming music from my phone via bluetooth doesn't really cut it.

    Anyway, I still enjoy using it and look forward to future improvements.

    All the best. Rory

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  • Help, Diagnostics, Clear Hotspot - press this button when you LEAVE your buddy's house. This will save the time at next setup waiting for the Player to time out.

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    Stefan Mehre

    Would love to see the feature of remembering WiFi logins, too :-)

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