How does the signal travel from Pulse Speaker to Pulse Sub when using RT100?




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    Hi Iano

    You are correct on your assumptions and the dealer is mistaken. I guess we should cover this in our dealer training and will let our sales team know.

    Only the PULSE SOUNDBAR has a SUB-WOOFER attached switch on the PULSE line up as oppose to the NODE, POWERNODE and VAULT who all have it. This switch has a non-programmable 80Hz cross over.

    I will mention it to our QA Team for future consideration on all PULSE MODELS if an RT-100 is detected...

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    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for your response. Good to have that clarified.  The dealer will also appreciate knowing and I will pass it on.  As an international customer your sales team probably never gets to pass messages to this dealer (who is the highest profile dealer in a city of over 4million).  So the data is converted to analog before the wireless send?  And is there two channels or one sent over the link? More info would be appreciated :)

    Although for the use I am currently considering, only offering the switch if an RT-100 is detected would be ok, it would be far preferable, and simpler I would think, to simply offer the switch unconditionally.  Let the user decide if there is effectively a 'SUB-WOOFER' attached. Plus, no harm in hinting to people the option to connect a sub is possible.

    A non programmable 80hz crossover would unburden the Pulse main speaker (pair?) from those high amplitude low frequency signals which can be taxing, and effectively make a 3 way with the sub.  That would be very desirable. :)

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