Any Android9 Users?




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Stelvio

    Rest assured your information in your Support Request you sent has in fact been passed along to our QA Team. I spoke with our QA Co-ordinator (who is in the next office over) about your feedback. They have in fact been able to reproduce it and have passed their findings to our Android development team. They in turn are investigating the root cause and do hope to resolve it in a future release. I don't have a timeline yet as they are continuing to try and identify the root cause of why and how it is happening...

    My role as head of The Support Crew does in fact include regular and daily meetings with our Engineering Project Management and Quality Assurance Teams to focus on progress of product enhancements and improving the user experience. The ugly part of this is looking at bugs such as the ones you experience and drive our support calls up and how soon we can find and remove those. These actually are prioritised over added functionality.

    Long story short - we are in fact on it and looking to resolve it...


    Anthony Williamson
    Product Support Manager – Lenbrook International
    Bluesound|NAD Electronics|PSB Speakers


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    Hi Tony,

    That's great news, thanks for the update!  I was fearing that either it was something unique to my combination of equipment, or else being in Australia all the wifi was falling to the bottom of the phone and could not be replicated in the northern hemisphere.  ;)  Knowing that it has been replicated and identified, I am sure you will have a fix as soon as it is possible.  Obviously solving this sooner rather than later is pretty important, since the proliferation of Android9 will increase exponentially before very long.  When 'in the middle' and the phone transitions AP's a couple of times you lose control of all your players from that device for some minutes, so it's quite a major issue (in the first world problem sort of way).

    For the moment I have a workaround which is simply that I have blocked my phone MAC from the outbuilding's AP so that it does not swap AP's. I have to stand near the door to pick up enough of the house's AP in order to control, and I programmed an IR remote for the basic stuff.

    Now just to similarly identify my issues with Tidal freezing up, the subject of another ticket (#133753), and I'll be cheering.  From my testing I have the impression that there is an issue - I reckon related to my high latency (~620ms ping time, but reliable 22-25Mbps speed) satellite connection - between Tidal (only Tidal) and BluOS which causes it to freeze (due to a presumed long response time) and not recover.  I am getting slow but regular responses working through the perfectly valid process of ruling out my network.  But I digress...


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  • Hi Stelvio

    I'm not going to step on Maya's toes - you are in great hands with her... she will help you out with TIDAL...

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