Node2 losing Wifi config after rebooting / power off then on




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    He Cedric

    Sorry this is happening. We will be in touch to help you resolve this once and for all. Look for an e-mail from our Support Crew asking for contact information as I am escalating this.

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    Cedric Mallard

    Dear All, 

    I have been able to solve my issue, doing the following:
    B. Power-on with a network cable (LED is blue)
    C. Config of the Wifi via the Node 2 web pages 
    D. Unplug of the network cable (LED was Blue blink 2-3 times and then Blue i.e. Node 2 switched to Wifi properly)
    E. Listen music 10’
    D. Node 2 switch in “vacation mode” (LED switching off)
    F. Node 2 wake-up and the connecting properly to my Wifi. 
    --> Happy Node 2 owner  ;-)))
    My Node 2 is now working properly and I am very happy wit
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