Suggestion: Set default service for search bar in controller




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    I barely use my NAS since I also have Tidal.

    You and me both...

    Thanks for the feedback. The issue is how do you over-ride that default if you are looking for something particular in your Library.

    That being said I have passed it along for future consideration.

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    Agreed! 95% of the time I start the BluOS app, I would like to start in Tidal - not my local music library. User defined startup would be highly appreciated.

    (With Spotify this is not an issue, since it is the Spotify app that controls the music playback with that service.)

    I really hope this issue will be prioritized.

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    I hope that the preferences around defaults does not end at the search bar.  I have been using my powernode2 for the last year and the typical interaction with BluOS iOS app is the following:

    1. Open app,

    2. Open side menu

    3. Select "Tidal"

    4. Select "My Music"

    5. Browse down to "Albums" and select "Show all"

    6. Select album to play.

    I feel step 2 through 5 should be unnecessary, a default page or shortcut could greatly help the user experience. 

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