Once a Week - Players Dropped from App Until I Factory Reset




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    HI James

    This is not right. I am escalating this to our Support Crew. We will be in touch via e-mail. Look for a support request number to appear in your Mailbox.

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    James Pollock

    OK, so it's now 2 weeks since Bluesound support spent an hour on the phone getting this fixed, so I think it's fair to say they fixed the problem. 

    Wes called me exactly as agreed, shared into my system and went deep into the setups of my 4 Bluesound units. He found that one of them, my Powernode, had probably been set up as a demonstrator before it was sold to me. It had been loaded up with every conceivable music service, including a couple of Korean services that are not available outside Korea and in fact no longer available at all. 

    Because of the clever replication that takes place between the units, no matter how often I reset the systems, these dodgy settings were being retained.

    Wes and I then went through the process of factory resetting and then shutting down each device, thereby preventing replication of settings across the units. A clean slate. It took time but it was worth it.

    Since then, touch wood, the system has been rock solid, all units appearing in my device tray every time I open the app, on any device, exactly as designed.

    Wes, hats off to you man, you were super professional and very patient. Faith restored!

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  • I will let Wes know (he sits right outside my office...)

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