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    Hi Jan

    Items you have Favorited in Qobuz will show up in The BluOS App at the top of the Navigation Drawer under My Favorites, Albums, Qobuz or My Favorites, Artists, Qobuz.

    If they do not show, select Music Services, Qobuz and logout of Qobuz, select Help, Diagnostics, Reboot to restart your player. Once your player has returned to ready mode (Blue LED), re-select Music Services and log back into Qobuz.

    If problems persist after that, please select Help, Send Support Request so we may review your log file.


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    Jon Heyesen

    Thought I'd bump this conversation. Sounds like the OP was more concerned with the lack of 'Sort' flexibility within the Qobuz 'My Favorites' section. I second this feature request as it would be nice to sort my Qobuz favorites alphabetically like with the other streaming services (Tidal for example). Right now the only option lists them in the order in which they were favorited. 

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  • Hi Jon

    We are always looking at ways to improve the experience. As always we take the feedback and past it along to QA for future consideration.

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